Data Usage Policy

1. Website Terms of Use

The website administration believes the user:

  • 1. To have all the necessary rights allowing him/her to sign up and use this website;
  • 2. To have read these rules, agreed to them and accepted all the rights and obligations specified herein.

The website administration does not verify the user information obtained (collected), except for when such a verification is necessary for the website administration to fulfill its obligations to the user.

2. Information Processing Purposes

The website administration processes the user information, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the website administration obligations to the users regarding the use of the website and its services.

3. User Information Composition

User personal data

User personal data include email addresses and social media profile addresses of the users.

Other user information processed by the website administration.

The website administration may also process other user information, including:

  • 1. Additional data obtained when the user accesses the website, including data on the hardware (devices), technological interaction with the website (such as the host IP address, the user's operating system type, the browser type), and the website actions of the user;
  • 2. The information automatically obtained when the website is accessed using bookmarks (cookies);
  • 3. The website user-generated information.
4. Transfer of Personal Data

User personal data are not transferred to any third parties, except when statutorily required.

5. Use of Personal Data

The website administration does not use user personal data to send any messages, except for those covered by the website features.