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Home page -
As with other pages, you can sign up and sign in to your account at the top right of the page. You can insert item page URL or keywords in any search field at

Item page -
There is a price tracking form on each item page. Please specify your desired price and email. Once the price drops to match the one you specified, we will send you the notification.
This page also shows price history for the product, in charts, tables, and texts.

My account -
Once you sign up, this page will show all the items you track
Add email address -
Additional currency -
As with other item pages, here you can specify your preferred additional currencies for product prices.

5 to 99% off offers -
Select a category and find the cheapest products or products with the lowest price over the specified period. After you have done that, a field is displayed where you can specify your email to get a list of new products according to your specified settings, once such products appear. The data are updated on a daily basis. categories -
You can search for products in your category of interest. For instance, mobile phones.

We gather data on approximately 12 mln products each day. This page shows the general statistics: the number of products analysed, the number of products with price down, the number of products with price up, the number of discounted products, and other data.

Have questions, ideas or suggestions? Please use the form on this page to contact us.