The First 25 Days since Launch

May 16, 2017

The First 25 Days since Launch

This is our first blog entry, and here is its summary:
1. Why was created?
2. What does offer to people? The list of opportunities we provide.
3. Explanations on some things users will see on the website.

1. Why was created?
On November 11, 2016, had a huge sale totalling $17.8 bln.
Reading the news and comments on this event, we noticed that before purchasing anything with AliExpress, buyers wanted to know what the price for the item they needed had been on the previous day, the day before that, etc., i.e. to know how much the item cost in the past. Based on this info, people wanted to decide for themselves: if today's discount is really that big, and if there is an upward or downward trend for the sales price. This information makes the purchasing decision much easier, doesn't it? Knowing the price history, one can see the past discounts for specific items, and their frequency. One could see how the price changes over time and understand, if the item price is falling or climbing up. With this knowledge at hand, it's much easier to make purchasing decisions.
We saw that such info would greatly benefit any buyer. We also saw that many factors contribute to price changes: seasons, competitors' prices, demand level, big sales days, etc.

It was at this moment, when the idea came to create a website where people would find all the much-needed info. We had other ideas too, which we'll tell you about later, once we've implemented them.

2. What does offer to people? The list of opportunities we provide.
So, what are our visitors offered?
a) We collect info on the item prices and the discount amounts. These daily data are shown in a convenient and clear form - as a chart. This allows for a quick and convenient assessment of the price changes and getting to know what to expect in the future - rises or drops. Each item has a chart showing the USD price, the EUR price and the discount amount. As it turns out, you make more accurate predictions as to how the price will change tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in the nearest future, when you have such a chart in front of you. It's really convenient and useful, and that's exactly what many people look for.
b) We also give you data as a chart showing maximum, minimum and average prices. Such a format may be useful for presenting information in some cases. Additionally, the last five dates when the price changed, are given.
c) Any visitor can set up price drop notifications, regardless of whether they registered an account with us or not. We deem this feature very useful. You would like to buy an item, say, 5 dollars cheaper, but do not want to track the price for it each and every day? Great, we have a solution! Each item page has a form for price tracking. Just set it up once - specify your desired price and your email. We will email you, When the price drops to your specified level. Setting up the form takes just a few seconds, but saves you a lot of time. If you register, you will have your personal profile where you will be able to see all your tracked items.
d) For sellers and statistics lovers, we have prepared a page showing general info on the prices, discounts and items. Everything is shown in charts with user-friendly controls.
What exactly we show:
- The number of items we have some info about;
- How many items were analysed today, how many prices went down, up, the number of discounted items, how many discounts were increased or decreased since yesterday;
- The number of items in price ranges. This indicates how many analysed items got into the price range of USD 0-20, USD 20-40, etc. Three types of ranges are available: large, small, and medium;
- The number of items in the discount ranges. This indicates how many analysed items got into the discount range of 0-20%, 20-40%, etc. Three types of ranges are available here too: large, small, and medium;
- The number of items with a specified discount - from 0 to 100%.
All the info is shown in daily charts, making it very easy to look through the daily price dynamics.
These data are essential for sellers of goods, as they enable them to see the general trends on a large sample, to adjust their marketing strategy, and given together with the info on the competitors' prices, to make decisions that were unavailable previously. At the moment, we are tracking 5 to 6 mln AliExpress items daily, and the total number of items we have some info about is nearing 17 mln. These figures are already high, but we are going to increase them even more after a while, and we will try to track as many item prices as possible.

3. Explanations on some things users will see on the website.
a) The first thing we'd like to dwell on, is the registration process. When registering with us, you are not prompted to enter any of your personal data - neither your email nor your phone number. Why have we decided to go like this? Please see our detailed answer here.
b) To look for the item you need, you can use our search or enter the page of the item into the search box. If we have any info on the item, we will display it immediately. It's very convenient, as you don't have to search once again for the item you have chosen earlier.
c) If you've found an item on our website, but it turned out that you had not signed in, don't hesitate to enter your login and password in the box above, as, once you've signed in successfully, we will auto-open the page you were on before signing in. We went like this to make the website user-friendly, so that you didn't have to search for the item you need all over again. The same goes for the registration process too - just enter your preferred username once, password twice, and remain on the very page you've been looking through.
d) At the moment, we show price histories for AliExpress items only, that's why the "Search Everywhere" feature is now working only with AliExpress. In the nearest future, we are going to start cooperation with other major online stores, and the advanced search will be another userful and convenient feature for our visitors. We will certainly write about it in our blog.
Stay tuned and subscribe for the updates at the homepage.

Thank you for your interest to our project! In case of any questions, comments or suggestions about the website, please contact us using the feedback form on this page.

Best regards, Team