About Pricearchive.org

About Pricearchive.org

Pricearchive.org - Aliexpress price tracker.

It is probably an open secret that prices for goods are fluctuating constantly. This happens due to many factors, such as seasons, demand, competitor prices, etc. You obviously want to buy when the prices are at their lowest, don't you? Pricearchive.org will help you here.

1. We show how the prices at AliExpress change. How is that useful? You can see if the item is getting more expensive or cheaper with time; perhaps, the price rose just today, and would fall tomorrow. To whom is that useful? To those who don't want to pay extra money when shopping. Insert the AliExpress item page address in Search field (as https://www.aliexpress.com/...) or enter the key words.
2. We send notifications to your email on the day when the item you need falls in price. Each item page contains a notification form. Enter your email and the desired price. When the price falls to the one you specified or lower, we will send you an email.
3. We find items with discounts from 5 to 99% at the lowest price during sales history. On a daily basis we collect data about nearly 12 million AliExpress items. This data is analyzed, and items with discount from 5 to 99% are found. Each day new items appear with today's price which is, for example, the lowest one in a whole year of sales. You can choose from a specific category, with a certain percent of discount and price.

And a little more about Pricearchive.org

1. At the moment the number of products with info available is more than 60 millions. (September, 2018) We have the largest database of AliExpress products.
2. Absolutely free service.
3. Automatic price drop alerts to your email.
4. Price history in chart, table and text formats.
5. There is an opportunity to export price history in txt, xml, html, csv and json formats.
6. User-friendly menu with prompts. If you've signed up, the item will be added to your tracklist as soon as you start tracking it.
7. You can use the service anonymously without providing your personal data such as email or phone number.
8. Historical data for almost all goods from AliExpress. We start every day price tracking right after your request through our search box for those goods for which we currently have no information. But the number of such goods is very small.
9. Unique and very useful page with goods that are at a discount today - https://www.pricearchive.org/aliexpress.com/discounts/50/1. There you can find not simply goods at a discount but those goods that have a discount and their today's price is the lowest for the last 60 days or even the whole year of sales. Free email alerts according to your search criteria when new goods appear.
10. The price of the goods is shown in 17 currencies.
11. Track up to 1,111 goods at the same time in your account. Need more? Contact us or create one more account. We are not against.
12. Our website is translated into 6 languages - EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, RU.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.